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How to Build a Coaching or Consulting Business on a Shoestring Budget

Starting a coaching or consulting business is exciting but can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re tight on cash. However, limited funds don’t have to stop ...
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Transform Your Business One Step at a Time

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed with all of the seemingly millions of things you need to do to build and sustain your business? You’re ...
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Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable is a Major Key to Success

As coaches and consultants, one thing we have in common across the board is that we are always telling or clients that if they want ...
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How Writing a List of 100 Accomplishments Can Help You Succeed in Business

One of the most common limiting beliefs for business owners is imposter syndrome. It is that nagging self-doubt that chips away at your confidence, slows ...
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How to Use Testimonials and Case Studies to Boost Your Credibility

We are all bombarded with messages every day from businesses trying to sell us their programs and services. If you are like me, most of ...
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4 Ways to Get Into the Flow and Build a Successful Business

Have you ever gotten so absorbed in a task that time seemed to melt away? You were laser-focused, productive, and energized – that’s the feeling ...
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