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5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Coach or Consultant

As someone who worked for over 20 years as a female in the tech world, I can tell you that burnout is a real, and ...
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How to Mind Map Your Way To Success

Do you ever feel like your your head is going to explode with all the thoughts and ideas you have about you and your business? ...
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5 Key Strategies to Scale Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Have you built a solid foundation for your coaching or consulting business and are now ready to take it to the next level? Many coaches ...
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What’s In A Name? A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Brand

So, you’ve decided to start your own business, congratulations! Now comes the exciting (and sometimes daunting) task of choosing a name. Your company’s name is ...
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3 Keys for Staying Focused and Accountable As a Solopreneur

Being a business owner is full of ups and down. On one hand, you love the idea of being your own boss. On the other ...
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Loving the Journey

Did you wake up this morning ready and raring to go or did you wake up thinking “If I don’t get a new client today, ...
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